Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top Nigerian Celebrity Gigolos

They are handsome, brainy and above all they are respected celebrities, yet they are gigolos. They run after society women who are older than them to be paid in return for sexual satisfaction. Do you know them? Do you have an inkling about them and how they go about their business? Any clue?

He is an actor in all ramifications. He is an actor who has a special love for playing lover roles in movies and he plays it perfectly. Known for his American accent, this dude has virtually dated all the big girls in the industry. At a point, he was romantically linked to a Jamaican babe. Recently, he was the anchor of a popular award held in the South-South area of Nigeria . Known for his knack for anything in skirt, this dude has suddenly graduated from romancing young babes as he now does it with older women. He was recently alleged to be warming the bed of a popular bishop whose husband died years ago in the South-South while he enjoys material things in return. News filtered out when one of the sons of the respected bishop caught the actor pants down with his mother in his late father’s house.
This is a story of an actor in the Yoruba genre of movies. Though he is versatile in his acting, he likes playing traditional roles such as a herbalist, and he is young, ranked to be at the age of 40. This Tapa-born dude from Kwara State got married years back to a much younger sultry lady. But it was a shock when news filtered out that the marriage crashed like a badly arranged pack of cards. Since then, many have been longing to know the latest in his marital life. However, in the course of trying to know the update on his marital life, we were reliably told that the actor has joined the league of gigolos in the country; a move some said might have destroyed his marriage. The said woman who is speculated to be in her 50s is a hotelier around Ijaiye Ojokoro in Lagos. Mimis said though she is married to one businessman, she is so in love with the actor to the extent that she satisfies him with whatever he wants.
How can we complete this piece without including this movie actor whose wife left him few months after he had an accident? His wife happens to be an actress too. Their relationship crashed owing to adultery allegations. Few years after their separation, the guy was in the news for romancing another actress, a relationship that almost led to the altar until recently it was reported that the two have parted ways. Be that as it may, those in the know have ascertained that a secret affair exists between the actor and a Lagos-based politician who contested in the governorship election few years back. The respected politician was said to be so close to the actor during his marriage saga and even tried what she could to restore peace into the marriage.
He happens to be the first actor to clinch a top political appointment as a commissioner, so he deserves a round of applause. And in the congregation of gigolos, oh! he is an elder. Some blessed with details said he married his late first wife who was obviously older than him because of her wealth. After the death of the first wife, he married a young broadcaster who was then working with a private television. But prior to that time, mimis said he was having flings with the wife of a former Lagos State governor whose tenure ended the military era. What is left to be confirmed is if he has now repented in the act; but we doubt it.
He’s a fair-skinned actor who had at one time hosted a television reality show for a beer manufacturing company. This tall and good looking former screen god who now sells sex toys is a toast of many ladies in town. It is therefore not a surprise when the fair-skinned young man that comes from the eastern part of the country caught the eye of this very strong female politician from one of the South-South states in the country.
Though he’s said to have been from time having affairs with different big women in the society, it was his affair with the female politician who at a time was at the forefront of those clamouring for the liberation of a certain set of people intent on regaining ownership of their land. This young man’s relationship with the very influential woman who had held elective and political post in the country in the past is an open secret to all in the society. Though the two hardly go out together, those in the know stated that the young man is living in the woman’s Lagos home till he gets his own.
He’s invariably the very best music act of this generation, has so many awards to his credit and he has a talent in the art of putting ladies in the family way, apart from the musical talent that made him a household name. He is invariably the only Nigeria music star that can feature in just anybody’s song and he is also criticized for not being able to speak fluent English. He has under his belt endorsement for many local and multi-national companies, one of which is the advert he did for a beer making company for which he was paid in foreign currency. This young man that hails from the Middle Belt area of the country was at a time said to be dating a very wealthy Ghanaian woman who in turn spoil him silly with money and other material things but the relationship may have crashed because of his fling with younger women, which means he impregnated a couple of them.
This man can be regarded as a gigolo extraordinaire as nobody can say precisely his major occupation. Though he claimed he’s a businessman but his kind of business could not be normal business. We are talking about a man that combines the Yoruba name that means for one’s wealth to move forward and the name of a very popular politician from the eastern part of the country who is a serving senator in Anambra. The track record of this man, who goes for everything in skirts not minding the age, is there for all to see as he has under his belt some very powerful society women whose money he’s been able to use to maintain his social status. The dark-skinned big boy had at a time been linked to a popular Yoruba movie actress who is fair-skinned. He was also thought to be ready to walk down the altar with a very popular female lawyer, but chose to call off the plan the lady lawyer had been working seriously towards only for our club freak man who was only interested in what she can spend on him. When she thought it must be love he walked out of the relationship by turning his attention towards another
Many who know this Yoruba movie actor will realize he’s one actor that is not in the mood to settle down at all. The tall, handsome actor who has a child out of wedlock but is living alone somewhere around Isolo axis of Lagos State , is known for playing the roles of spoilt child though he’s about six feet tall. He is a Yoruba actor that loves keeping afro hairstyle and he’s always in the company of ladies. He featured prominently in a film directed by a revered Nigerian Benin Republic-based movie producer. His stories always have something to do with women, most especially the rich ones. He was at a time said to be dating a lady that modeled for a billboard advert and the rest is history.
He’s one Nigerian music act whose song was at a time the main thing on the airwave. The song which was just to celebrate the artiste by saying he’s around, propelled the image of the young man who had a live-in lover in a woman very much older than him. The artiste who is known for his love for bandana wearing, was having it hot with the woman who was also helping his career with her money until when the guy, after achieving fame with the monetary support of the older woman decided to end the relationship. Though the two have since gone their different ways, the guy, it was revealed, has pitched his tent with another woman who is said to be also older than him, which makes him an habitual gigolo. To be continued


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