Friday, September 23, 2011

Abia University Gang Rape Scandal: Abia Government Lies Exposed; As Crime Scene Is Identified

Contrary to Abia State government’s denial that five male students of the state university gang raped a young woman, Amebonews has identified the crime scene as well the names of two of the perpetrators.

Our investigators exclusively confirmed that the rape, which was videotaped and posted online on August 17 2011, took place at “Maranatha Lodge”, an off campus student's hostel  near ABSU. Two students, Ifeanyi Ogu Justin  and Jonah Uche have been identified by witnesses, a third perpetrator, "Zaki" is reportedly yet to be fully identified
The victim of the attack has been located in a safehouse where she and some members of her family have taken refugee for fear of her life.
some witnesses led investigators to the young woman’s hideout, one source told us that the victim and her mother are so fearful for their life that the young woman told investigators she was never raped

Amebonews spoke to one of the sources who revealed the names of the perpetrators and led investigators to the victim. The source stated that both the victim as well as those who initially came forward as witnesses are now so scared that they have all decided to deny that the vicious attack ever took place.
When our correspondents asked how it was possible to deny what had been captured on tape, the source said, “Well, that is not my concern”.
In addition to the lack of seriousness on the part of the police, the state government has been issuing threats that anyone who links students of ABSU to the crime will face grievous consequences.Justin Ogu Justin

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  1. It is had 4d girl to show up &tell her story there is no trust. Now that internet your sources say the crime took place outside the school, this further vindicated what the VC of ABSU & student union told the Governor who promptly called on them for clarification. Therefore it was needless castigating the Governor and the first family of Abia as if they are the one responsible for the rape. This will only keep the victim from showing up as she will think that heavy weight in the state support her ordeal. Let continue to focus on how to get the culprit. I suspect that those trying to link the governor of Abia are the Rapist using different user name to misinform us and keep victim away from reaching police by trying to make her believe that the Governor is involved. When the Governor of Abia and the first lady are doing every thing to unmask the rapist


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