Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exposing Nigeria`s Secret Cults ,Part 2 - Eiye Confraternity

We revealed the dirty secret behind the dreaded Black Axe secret cult last week,today we remove the blue beret from the head of the Eiye confraternity.
Supreme Eiye confraternity,otherwise known as Airlords,Birds or Flyers was formed as a result of a fallout with Pirates Confraternity in the late seventies
.They can be identified in their distinctive blue clothings and blue berets,they greet each other by shaking hands and then `clawing`(folding four fingers backwards and pressing their thumbs together).
They can be found in most higher institutions in Nigeria, but they are more prominent in the southwest and Benin.Members greet each other by saying the word abacraya and the other person replies airlord as a sign of respect.
Initiation rites
Would- be members are referred to a `rats` a reference to the fear on their face when going through their initiation rites.Would be members are first beaten with sticks and belts and other dangerous weapons by senior members of the cult,before being paired in two`s.
The two people are then required to beat each other to a state of pulp before passing through something called `The Devils passage`.It involves running through a row of about 100 members who throw punches and kicks and everything else at the `rats`.Some would be members have been known to die in the process of this initiation ceremony as a result of injuries sustained.
Successful `rats` are then welcomed with open arms at the end of the passage by a senior member,who then takes them to a place usually by the sea.Here they kneel in front of the Leader(Ibaka)who completes the initiation rites by giving the `garri rice` and a formal bird name.
The Eiye confraternities abode in higher institutions is referred to as `Nest`while their meeting is called `flight`,operation to cause harm to rival members is called`hit`.
Order of hierachy
Ibaka 1,Ostrich 2,Nightingale 3,Flight commander 4,Eagle 5,WoodPecker 6,Canary 7,Dove 8
Watchout for unveiling of Buccaneers `Alora` next

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