Thursday, February 23, 2012


For every parent in Nigeria bringing up their young children ,its always been about i want my child to be a lawyer,doctor,banker, giving them the best education money can afford.Their wish was for their kids to finish secondary school and go to university,so they can be lawyers,doctors,accountants and so and so in future.
Back in the day it was always about school,school,school and then get a high paying job after.That is why Nigeria has one of the highest number of graduates in the world,but still no jobs several years after graduation.
People spend most of their lives getting educational qualification and seem the forget the obvious.If the demand for a product is higher than the supply,it leads to scarcity.The most successful and the richest people in the world are not graduates of universities and neither do they hold masters degrees.It is not rocket science,they find their niche early in life and put their energy into making money from it.Few examples,Mark Zuckerberg the owner of facebook,Bill Gates,Roman Abramovich and the rest of them havent got degrees.But what they had was foresight and an uncanny ability to spot a gap in the market and strike while its hot.
How many of the so called masters/doctorate degree holders in Nigeria are actually practicing what they studied in University?i reckon 10/100.I have nothing against university education,because i have a bachelors degree myself.But what i am against is the culture of `i go read die`.Let me ask you a question,how many Nigerian former President/Head of state actually passed through the four walls of University?
The point i am making is people should start thinking outside the box,think of being an entrepreneur instead of getting stuck in the rat race forever.That is why its not usually the most intelligent person that runs a business,its the bravest,the risk takers who is not afraid of failure that ends up tasting the savour of success.For anyone reading this,i recommend reading a few books on how to make it big in life.And you can also google `Dragons Den` for a few tips.
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