Wednesday, February 22, 2012


An open relationship is one where both partners are a couple but they are not exclusive.Meaning if either party ever met someone else they fancied,they are allowed to `link up` as long as they are honest about it.Women are naturally jealous creatures and do not believe in sharing(rightly so).

But some people have been known to accept their partners infidelities as long as they still remain together,this could be as a result of time and energy spent on building the relationship or fear of starting all over again.Men are most likely to agree to an open relationship because it gives them the freedom to cheat without having that guilty feeling.Open relationships have been given different names such as linking up,Fuckbuddy(excuse the bad language)and so on.This carries alot of emotional baggage because somebody is definitely bound to get hurt,not to talk of the heath hazard involved.Now i pose this question to the ladies,would you be happy to share your man?as long as he is being honest.I know most men would cringe at the thought of sharing their woman with someone else.

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